Formwork Release Agents

We Supply a range of release agents to suit various uses.

For the Pre-caster : Release agents for dry and wet cast operations available.

Water based and biodegradable products are also available. 

Curing and Sealing Agents

Concrete curing agents are applied for the protection of the freshly cast surface from excessive moisture loss during the critical early stages of development. Surface shrinkage cracks are minimised. Resin based products are available clear or aluminised. Water based products are available for use on walls and lower budget applications. 

Our Range includes high quality AC3 Acrylic Sealer

(Excellent for sealing footpaths)

Flexible Bitumen Emulsion

This is a bituminous based product which is cold applied for damp proofing applications. 

Concrete Retarders 

Gel Type retarder for vertical application e.g stop ends and also Water Based retarder for horizontal top face applications e.g kickers. Retarders significantly reduce the need for scabbling. 

Concrete Repair Compounds 

Specialised repair cements based on polymers, they provide a cost effective repair system for in-situ and precast concrete. Products can be colour matched, waterproofed & fibre strengthened. They are used on Honeycombed and Damaged concrete.


Please contact our office if you require any Technical Information or Safety & Material data sheets for any of our products or you can email us on :


Mesto Sprayers available in 5 Ltr. 6 Ltr. & 10 Ltr.